CARES Act – Plan Changes for COVID-19 Relief

March 27, 2020 in Advice, Legislation
The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (the “CARES Act”), became law today after Senate, House and Executive Branch approval.  The $2.2 trillion (yes, TRILLION) stimulus package provides sweeping relief to Americans suffering COVID-19 hardships.  The new law also includes extensive provisions impacting workplace retirement plans.  The biggest piece of

Beyond the "3 F Words"

December 8, 2018 in Advice, Planning
We love to use buzzwords and acronyms in our business. The 3Fs stand for funds, fees and fiduciary responsibilities. Many plan sponsors have been tackling the 3Fs and feel they’re in pretty good shape. They have prudent fiduciary processes in place. Recordkeeping and advisory services have been put out to bid

Fiduciary Risk Management....Crossing T's & Dotting I's

As a Retirement Committee are you taking care of fiduciary basics?   Fiduciary risk can change over time as courts opine on new class action lawsuits and the DOL alters enforcement efforts.  The media also plays a part, stirring participants into action.  What does your Committee focus on when you meet?  What

New Fiduciary Rule. Ready, Set...Go!

Buckle up! The new fiduciary rule is here.   No doubt you have heard about the new "fiduciary rule" which will require many investment advisors who traditionally were not required to serve in a fiduciary capacity to raise their standard of care.  After going through some scrutiny under the new administration, the
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CARES Act – Plan Changes for COVID-19 Relief
The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (the “CARES Act”), became law today after...
Addressing Participant Concerns on Stock Market Volatility
Yesterday, March 16th, was the Dow Jones Industrial average’s third-worst day in its history. Plan...

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