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Issue #18 - Financial Wellness


When we ask our clients, "What is the most important issue facing you today?" many of them say, "Employee wellness." They want to make sure that they are helping the participants of their retirement plan be set up to have a successful financial future. So our goal with this issue was to address financial wellness head on.

In this issue, we discuss a variety of topics around financial wellness, including, the evolution of financial benefits, increasing productivity through financial wellness programs, participant behavior, the new fiduciary standard and its impact, and HSA's.

Our goal is to give our readers ideas about how they can help their employees. A healthy and happy workforce that does not have to worry about own personal finances will inevitably be more productive and effective.


Issue #17 - Plan Errors

January 2017 [download PDF]

With the start of the New Year, we thought we would have a Confero on a topic that is underrepresented and less written on: common plan errors. The fact of the matter is, plan errors do happen. We found that there is not much content out there on what could go wrong, and, if something does go wrong, what is the proper course of action to fix an error. So that is what we did with Issue 17 of Confero.

In this issue, we focus on common plan errors, including, 401(k) plan errors, employee benefits plans, late deposits, and operational errors. Our goal is to inform readers of the problems that you could face so that you have a course of action.

Errors do not have to feel so daunting. It happens to the best plan sponsor, and there are people out there who can help.


Issue #16 - US Retirement System

October 2016 [download PDF]

With the change of seasons comes the 16th issue of Confero, which is focused on the U.S. Retirement System. We followed the most current trends in the industry to bring you the most relevant and pertinent information in retirement today. As a thought leader in fiduciary advice, we want to make sure that we keep you informed on current happenings in the U.S. retirement landscape, where it has succeeded, and where it has fallen short. 

In this issue, we discuss various topics, including investment strategies and what we have learned from the past 10 years of the Pension Protection Act (PPA), financial literacy, uncovered private sector workers, and retirement readiness.


Issue #15 - Health Care Systems

July 2016 [download PDF]

The 15th issue of Confero is another publication by Confero Fiduciary Partners.  Following Issue 14 is no small task. It was the inaugural issue with Confero Fiduciary Partners and one of our best issues to date.  We are building on that success to bring you a fantastic and well-rounded Issue 15.

In this issue, we discuss various topics related to health care systems. Managing 403(b) vendors, retirement trends in health care, ERISA 3(38)s, legacy 403(b)s, IRS regulations, and the   impact of the new fiduciary rule are some of the subjects discussed.


Issue #14 - Pension Plans

April 2016 [download PDF]

The 14th issue of Confero marks the first edition by Confero Fiduciary Partners. The integration of Confero Fiduciary Partners has allowed our publication Confero, to expand its horizons and grow as a magazine. In this Issue, we discuss various topics including defined benefit plans, pension de-risking, liability driven investing (LDI), plan audits, plan termination, pension funding relief, and much more. Our goal is to discuss the topics that are important but may not be top of mind for plan sponsors.


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