How We're Different

Your retirement advisor is not just another vendor relationship for you. It is different than the rest. As a retirement plan fiduciary you have the responsibility of managing someone else’s money. The retirement savings of your employees, co-workers and friends are under your care. You do not want a generalist helping you. You want an expert.

We recognize the importance of your responsibility and built our firm around your needs. Supporting retirement plans is the only service we provide. Our resources are dedicated exclusively toward improving your retirement program and the retirement outcomes for your employees. Our consultants have dedicated their entire careers to the retirement plan industry.


Focused Advice

Many of our competitors are part of other organizations whose core business is not supporting retirement plans. We are not a firm whose core business is providing financial planning to individuals with a few representatives that work with retirement plans. We are not brokerage representatives with large investment firms that sell products to you for a commission. We are retirement plan specialists.

  • Our services and innovations are targeted to support mid to large-sized employers with multiple fiduciaries or retirement committees
  • Each of our consultants is an owner of the firm and is committed to a long-lasting relationship with you

Traditional Values

Call us old-fashioned but we feel that this should be the ultimate differentiator. We build personal relationships with our clients. Trust, integrity and commitment are very important to us. Our fees are fair and are not structured to gouge our clients and their plan participants over time.

  • We care about retirement plan participants and their success
  • We care about our clients and the challenges they face with fiduciary responsibility
  • We charge a reasonable flat fee vs. receiving commissions or asset-based fees
  • We are leaders in our industry and take an active role in improving our profession and the regulation of workplace retirement plans


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