Investment Advice

Some fiduciaries rely on a service provider that provides both recordkeeping and investment updates or a biased commissioned broker to provide investment support.  This approach may provide investment information and “suggestions” but it is not investment advice.  The decision to select or replace an investment, and the liability associated with it, fall on you.

Fiducia Group provides an institutional-quality investment process developed specifically for retirement plans.  Our ongoing oversight process leads to timely fund changes.  We accept fiduciary liability for the investment advice we provide to you.

Our investment process includes:

  • Investment Policy – Development of a customized investment policy statement which is the blueprint for determining the type and style of investments offered, the criteria for initial selection and the ongoing monitoring of each investment’s success
  • Investment Selection – Investment recommendations based on a rigorous quantitative and qualitative evaluation process, model development for ease of use by plan participants
  • Investment Monitoring – Ongoing analysis (performance, changes to style, management and fees), timely recommendations on removal and replacement, review of potential asset class additions


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